This is continuation of my journey in Africa as a Medical Doctor and a little about my passion to do teaching to help people learn how to take care of themselves. I saw many things in Africa that literally broke my heart, which has caused me to teach a lot on HIV/AIDS.

Another episode that broke my heart was one day while I was working in the clinic, a mom with her daughter came to see us. Her daughter was between 12 and 15 years old, they did not know exactly how old she was, that is normal in some countries in Africa. She had become blind about 3 months ago, and they were seeking help. My heart broke and I started asking questions, as a doctor does. After some questions and translation from my colleague, they told me that she was HIV positive. I asked the mom if they knew anything about HIV/AIDS.  She shakes her head and said no, we do not know anything about the disease. I remember tears came to my eyes and again a thought came to me, we have to teach these people, they have to know, so they will know what to do and also knowing might change the way they live and the choices they make.

That made me take action, and I started teaching the people that lived and worked on the Iris base in Pemba. Some of the missionaries that lived on base, had done some public health work and they had saved some pictures from that time, so I was able to combine the teaching with pictures, and that is a good combination because some of the people could not write or read.

I felt so alive when I was teaching, and I realized that the knowledge about different diseases was missing and they were asking questions and so engaged in the class. Since I was working in the clinic, I knew what kind of diseases that they were facing, so I thought about that, how they could prevent not getting sick and what to do if they became sick. I was also able to teach the word of God and how my life changed by knowing the love of Jesus. While I was in Pemba, I worked in the clinic and was teaching whenever I had time. I spent two years in Mozambique, from 2012-2014. In my next blog I will share with you how I met Brenda Jones.

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