The LifeGate Project

In developing The LifeGate Project with Brenda Jones and others, I have found a way to express the love of Jesus by teaching about the body, soul, and spirit and how health education aligns with the Word of God. I would like to share my experience in partnering with...

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My Journey in Africa

This is continuation of my journey in Africa as a Medical Doctor and a little about my passion to do teaching to help people learn how to take care of themselves. I saw many things in Africa that literally broke my heart, which has caused me to teach a lot on...

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We are offering CPR/First Aid!

CPR and First Aid classes in local communities. We are committed to training people to save lives! We are ready to set up CPR classes for churches, youth groups, professional organizations.

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Kristiansand, Norway

It all started in Pemba, Mozambique in 2012. I had submitted to be a doctor/missionary for 2 years at the Iris ministries base in Pemba. I guess you can say that for the first month, being there was a struggle for me. Coming from Norway to Africa was not as easy as I...

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John 10:10

I have witnessed the power of learning to wait for God’s promises; for in this we mount up with wings like eagles to take our place on higher ground. Isaiah 40:31–running without weariness…

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Medical Missionary in China

Hi, my name is Jamie Isabell and I’m a full time medical missionary in China. I love being a nurse, always have. I knew from about the age of thirteen that I wanted to be a nurse and I never wavered in that decision. I’ve worked in almost every area of nursing,...

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Partner with LifeGivers in the Global Health Revolution!

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