Hi, my name is Jamie Isabell and I’m a full time medical missionary in China. I love being a nurse, always have. I knew from about the age of thirteen that I wanted to be a nurse and I never wavered in that decision.

I’ve worked in almost every area of nursing, med-surg, geriatrics, dialysis, orthopedics. But in 1998, I began working with children with various special needs and disabilities, and my heart was changed forever. They became my greatest teacher. This was it, I thought! I’ll be here until I retire from nursing…but God. He had a different plan.

Missions had been a part of my life when my children were young. I loved going on short trips with them to Mexico or St Louis, or wherever they went, I went too. China was NEVER on my radar. Then the director where I worked took a trip to China and came home with hundreds of pictures, the faces of children still etched on my heart. I felt something in my spirit that day that I hadn’t ever felt before, and I knew I was supposed to go.

Next time, I’ll tell you all about my first experience in China, and how I came to meet Brenda Jones and learn all about Lifegivers Intl Ministries.

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