Tom and Benda Jones impacted my life many years ago.  Why you may ask?  Because they exhibited the love and heart of Christ and offered it to all those who were seeking a true relationship with the Lord.  

My name is Lou Clark and I am the treasurer for Life Givers International Ministries.  After only being a new Christian for a few years, God lead me to serve with Pastor Tom as his assistant in their first church plant.  Many times, Brenda would ask me “did I understand the importance of my job and how God was going to use me.”  As a young and innocent Christian, I would say “Not really.”  That was over 40 years ago!  What a wonderful and blessed experience it has been!

As I worked with Pastor Tom, he encouraged me to use and develop the skills and talents the Lord had given me.  In addition, he pushed me to study God’s word and seek where He could and would use me to serve others. Not only did they do this for me, they have encouragement everyone they have served to strive for more in their relationship with the Lord.

 As my relationship grew with Pastor Tom and Brenda, it was their pure and dedicated hearts to serve the Lord that continued to impress me.  Life Givers International Ministries has been an outgrowth of this desire.  John 10:10 “I have come that they may have life and life more abundantly” truly expresses what they are all about and the focus of Life Givers International Ministries.

During the past few years, the Lord has led Brenda to develop a Health Promotion Program (The LifeGate Program).  She assembled a team of talented and gifted Christian professionals from around the world that worked together to create a health promotion program that will impact people in undeveloped countries.  To us it may seem so simple and common sense, but we live in a well-developed and educated country. Many countries are not as blessed as America.  People suffer from many diseases that can easily be prevented simply by changing their personal health practices.  The team has already taken this program to several countries and we are seeing a tremendous impact.  They begin by teaching local leaders these simple methods and equipping them with materials so that they teach their local their communities. Therefore, this health promotion program is spreading throughout many regions.  

I have always believed we should help those in need by providing the basics of life, BUT, more importantly, we need to give them the tools they need to help themselves.  Being taught good and simple methods to help keep themselves healthy is just one of those ways.  They would no longer be dependent on others for their existence but can provide and care for themselves and their families.

My relationship with Tom and Brenda began over 36 years ago. The journey has been one I will never forget and look forward to the next decade of impacting as many people and nations as the Lord will call us to impart his love. I have witnessed the power of learning to wait for God’s promises; for in this we mount up with wings like eagles to take our place on higher ground. As Isaiah 40:31 states, we are running without weariness and walking without faintness. We are waiting and trusting in the Lord!

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