We have launched out this year to invest in manikins, adult and infant, automated external defibrillators (AEDs for training), and other equipment to teach CPR and First Aid classes in local communities. We are committed to training people to save lives!  

CPR/First Aid Training: Our organization has purchased training equipment to provide CPR and First Aid training for medical professional, and lay people who could benefit from Heartsaver instruction. Brenda is an American Heart Association (AHA) certified instructor and is providing training classes in partnership with a local non-profit organization in Cleveland, TN – The Refuge (www.refugecl.org). Last week, eleven students received their certification for adult, child, and infant CPR and choking. These students are enrolled in the skills training program sponsored by The Refuge, which is an organization that engages in community development, specifically for job searching, Career Readiness Training, adult literacy, and identification of other valuable resources in the local community. This will be an ongoing project that will be taught 5 times per year for men and women seeking to enhance their life skills. We are excited to partner with this organization who has a similar vision as our organization. Christopher and Michelle White, board members of Life Givers and medical professionals, are planning to become certified instructors with the American Heart Association this year also, so that we as an organization can provide a variety of CPR/First Aid training locally and internationally.

Open for Training:  Help us spread the word that we are ready to set up CPR classes for churches, youth groups, professional organizations, etc. Please contact brenda@lifegivers.org for more information.

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