It’s time to bring you up to date! So many good things are happening, and we want to share how our projects are continuing to unfold.

The LifeGate Project:  Now in the 6th year of operation. The LifeGate Team is composed of an international group of medical and public health professionals. Along with Brenda (nursing and public health), Dr. Linda Taanevik (medical doctor from Norway), Dr. Kathryn Halverson (medical doctor from Duluth, MN), Kate Bailey (public health professional from Boston, MA), Dr. Rebecca Williams (medical doctor from South Africa), and Colleen Parkins (scientist and business professional from South Africa) are members of the team who have worked diligently to develop the health promotion and disease prevention training that has been taught in several nations in the developing world. You can read more about the LifeGate Project on the new website.

Future Planning: Currently, we are making plans for this year and will share with you as soon as we know where we are headed. We have carried The LifeGate Project to Africa—Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, and Kenya—Peru, and Brazil. We are planning to branch out into other nations this year—perhaps Nepal, as we are currently networking with missionaries on the ground there who have like passions as our team. Our desire is to continue our work of training local leaders in order to improve their health practices and spread a revival of health. We will keep you posted as things begin to develop on future projects.

More to Come:  These first few blogs as we launch the new site will be from board members and members of our team. Thank you for joining us in prayer as we forge ahead with God’s direction to further the spread of the Good News of the Kingdom in practical ways…stay tuned for MORE!

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