In developing The LifeGate Project with Brenda Jones and others, I have found a way to express the love of Jesus by teaching about the body, soul, and spirit and how health education aligns with the Word of God. I would like to share my experience in partnering with Brenda Jones and how The LifeGate Program has evolved.  

I met Brenda Jones in Pemba in 2012. She came to visit the base and the clinic. She had the same heart for teaching as I, so God connected us, and we both started dreaming together and that was the next step for the LifeGate project. Brenda got connected to other doctors, nurses and people with different degrees that had the same heart as both of us, to see life, villages and countries changed by the word of God and teachings about how to stay healthy, and what to do when you or your child get sick, basic sanitation, the body, soul and the spirit.

Brenda came back the summer of 2014 and she brought a team with her this time. We spent a lot of time teaching, filming and planning how we could develop the teachings and put it into manuals that was easy for people to read and understand. But how could we reach the people in the villages, even at places where we were not able to go? We had to train leaders, train people that would be able to get this material and knowledge back to their villages. A great way to do that was to start training those that came to be educated as local pastors.

The Iris base in Pemba has a school that trains local pastors, and that was an amazing opportunity for us to train them, and also to learn from them, what problems and diseases they where facing in their villages. And so, we did, and that training has led to a curriculum, about disease prevention, health promotion, body, soul and spirit for the bible school students. That will be a part of their curriculum for the future in several of the Iris bases in Africa.

I am so grateful for my time in Africa, and what God has done in me and for me, and all the amazing people I have had a privilege to meet. I have learned so much and still do.

We have not stopped going to Africa. I have been back every year since I moved back to Norway.  I felt God said it was time for me to go back home and work for a while. I strongly felt I needed a base somewhere and Kristiansand, Norway was the most natural place to settle for a while.

Today the LifeGate project has developed into many different teaching manuals, and we are seeing life and people changed by the knowledge and the word of God.  God is good and He is doing so much both in me and with the project, it has been, and it is an exciting journey. He is worthy of it all and walking with Him is the most exciting journey ever, and all things are possible. I give Him all the glory, and Jesus is the way, the truth and life. He gave His life for us, so we could have life in abundance. Love you Jesus and I am excited for the journey ahead!

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