LifeGivers International Ministries is committed to helping people experience the life-giving presence of Jesus. Our holistic approach stresses the importance of health in the body, soul, and spirit, to prevent sickness and disease. We foster transformation and healing by empowering diverse communities through leadership training, health education, medical missions, and humanitarian aid. LifeGivers aims to bring sustained change, promoting an abundant life that Jesus promises (John 10:10).

Public Health Awareness

Partnering with other ministries, LifeGivers promotes healthy living and wholeness through providing clean water, hygiene and sanitation, disease prevention, training of local leaders, and disaster preparedness.

Medical Missions Programs

By focusing on training and education, our medical missions help women, children and impoverished communities create health. We educate using Biblical principles, practical training (including CPR with the American Heart Association) and skills development, such as birth attendants.

Serving Church Leadership

We serve leaders, multiplying our efforts to create a global health revolution. We train pastors, leaders and ministries, one-on-one and through Women’s conferences. By providing ministry resources, we give practical tools, while encouraging weary leaders and their families in spiritual and practical ways.

Humanitarian Aid Partnerships

Our efforts to heal the nations is as practical as it is spiritual. We provide food, clothing, shelter, and personal items for communities in need.  Fulfilling the mandate of James 1:27, we partner with other ministries to provide care for orphans and widows.


The LifeGate Project is a series of faith-based programs promoting healthy living, disease prevention, and disaster preparedness. We offer frameworks to give every community the potential to live in wholeness and strength. Our mission is to fuel a health revolution by empowering individuals and communities to transform through training and education. Current LifeGate projects are in Mozambique, Peru, South Africa, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. With your help, we can cover the globe with His love and healing.


In 2007, God gave a prophetic word to Bob Jones that women were to be released into their God-given destinies. Outreaches to Women continues this vision. Through times of prayer and studying of the Word, worshipping in God’s presence, and authentic connection with others, we believe women will experience the Father’s heart for them. From rejection and worthlessness, to freedom and confidence, women will rise to live in the fullness of their calling.


Part of the mission of Life Givers International is to assemble professional teams for the purpose of impacting nations through their health promotion. Healthcare professionals are given opportunity to use their expertise and skills to improve health outcomes and train trainers to take the health educational message into remote communities.

Since 2002, we have lead short-term mission trips to Honduras for travelers to experience this unique Hispanic culture and enjoy using their skills to help this impoverished nation. LifeGivers Teams have partnered with Honduran churches and pastors to provide leadership conferences, crusades, construction, and medical missions.

Partner with LifeGivers in the Global Health Revolution!

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