Going. TRAINING. Sending.


LifeGivers International passionately serves the poor through our outreaches to bring humanitarian relief, public health programs, building projects, and medical missions to those in need.


We are going into all the world and making disciples of the nations through Jesus’ authority.


We are training leaders to create sustained, transformational change in communities.


We are sending leaders and missionaries to their own cities, or across the globe.


LifeGivers International brings essential resources to developing nations through practical, spiritual, and leadership programs. We passionately serve the poor through our outreaches to bring humanitarian relief, public health programs, building projects, and medical missions to those in need. We support church leadership by recognizing the needs of those already serving the nations. The Great Commission is our great privilege. We joyfully choose to be His hands and feet.

The LifeGate Project

The LifeGate Project is a series of faith-based programs that present information on health promotion, disease prevention, and disaster preparedness training. Its mission is to initiate a health revolution by empowering individuals and communities for transformational change through education and hands-on training for national leaders.

Outreaches to Women

In 2007, when Bob Jones gave the prophetic word that God was releasing women into the fullness of their destiny, the vision of Outreaches to Women came to life. Since then, this ministry has focused on prayer, Bible study, deep worship, and connecting hearts to Jesus. Women are activated to fearlessly walk out their divine calling by experiencing the Father’s heart.

Medical Missions

We mobilize healthcare professionals to impact nations by addressing disease prevention, health promotion, and disaster preparedness across the globe. Through collaboration and cutting-edge technology, we train trainers and support strategies to educate leaders, pastors, chaplains, youth, and women on how to take responsibility for their health and well-being.

Downloadable Resources

The LifeGate Team provides a variety of quality, downloadable resources. These resources are FREE to the public and are based on accurate public health and medical information. They are created by professionals whose hope is to give access to all to reliable information. 

The life-changing presence of Jesus transforms both the LifeGiver and the life-receiver.


Tom and Brenda Jones have been partners in ministry since their marriage in 1973, serving in various ministry positions in Tennessee, California, and Florida. LifeGivers is the expression of their passion as they use their God-given talents and skills to serve those in need and fulfill the Great Commission. This goal is fulfilled by bringing others with them to reach people groups who are in need of health, healing, training, and education.


We help individuals and families connect, go, and remain on the field! Our non-profit offers world-wide opportunities. We support humanitarian aid workers and missionaries who wish to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people in underserved areas. By managing the logistics of non-profit accounting, offering apostolic and ministry support, we help lessen the challenges of long-term LifeGivers in the field.

Partner with LifeGivers in the Global Health Revolution!

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